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Top Reasons to choose TransK9

Independently Crash Tested to offer you and your dog the ultimate protection

TransK9 has enjoyed an enviable reputation for providing the highest quality of dog transit products. All materials and components use in TransK9 products are meticulously selected for durability, safety and longevity. At the factory in Scotland, each product is carefully inspected at every stage of the production process to ensure quality and consistency.


To keep our products competitively priced, TransK9 products are sold exclusively through TransK9 (Scotland) and TransK9 USA. We do not sell through retailers, third parties or multiple distributors. All orders outside the UK and EU are sold and ship from TransK9 USA allowing us to sell direct and at the best price, every day.


We offer a 12 month warranty and 10 year structural warranty on our transit boxes for all North American customers. Since 2003, TransK9 products have achieved an enviable and demonstrated history of durability even with daily use in a variety of environments.

Fully Assembled

We feel our products are only as safe and durable as the final assembly. All TransK9 boxes and drawers are fully assembled and quality inspected at the factory in Scotland, and inspected again before shipping from our US warehouse. Customers need  no tools and no assembly. Just unwrap, install and go! 

Easy Maintenance

Regular cleaning is made simple with a durable powder coated finish that's not only easy on the eyes, but easy to clean and maintain

Ethical Service

We take great pride in TransK9 products and our customer service which is reflected in many customer reviews found on numerous web forums and social media sites. We offer professional, impartial advice on all our products and we don't make misleading or false claims about our products or other brands as some competitors do. If we feel our product is not suitable for your needs - we'll tell you. It's that simple. 

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