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Frequently asked questions

Independently Crash Tested to offer you and your dog the ultimate protection
How easy is it to install?

About at easy as it gets. Just unwrap and lift into position in the vehicle. If desired, we offer two types of anchorage straps which can be found in detail on our accessory page.

How heavy are they?

Weights of each item are shown on each box page. They are generally not very heavy but may be awkward due to their size. Many customers are able install the double boxes alone but every box has handles on each side making a cinch for two people.

Will my dog be fit comfortably?

If only we could ask our dogs this question and they actually answer us - right? This is a difficult one as it depends on a few factors; the size, shape and build of your dogs, length of journey and how you define a "comfortable" dog.  As a general guide, check the gallery pictures for each box and you'll see various breeds to give you a better idea of the size. Still not sure – then call us and we'll give you an honest opinion.

How much is shipping?

Shipping rates vary by destination and all orders are shipped fully assembled. We feel our products are only as safe and durable as the final assembly so they are finished at the factory and quality checked before they leave the Scotland and again before they leave our US warehouse. Due to the size and to ensure a damage free arrival they are strapped to a pallet and shipped by freight carrier (not parcel). Rates are based on zip code and in order to get the best rate, we must quote manually.

Will my dog(s) be hot?

Only if the inside of your car is hot! The ambient temperature of the interior of your vehicle will determine the temperature inside the box - that's physics!

How do I clean it?

Periodic washing will prolong the life and finish, especially if your dogs frequent salt water.

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