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Storage Drawers

TransLock Storage Drawer Units

Keep your items safe and secure with 
Translock Secure Vehicle Storage Drawers. 

Security of valued possessions is something we all need. Designed to compliment various TransK9 dog boxes or used as a stand alone solution, TransLock Secure Storage Drawers are manufactured from the same high grade aluminum with stainless steel locks and silent glide runners. With adjustable dividers, they are an ideal solution for securely storing items like firearms, ammunition, dog supplies, laptops, tools, or veterinary supplies, and can be fitted in many SUVs or vans.

TransLock/TL1 Drawer

- 38.8"W x 38"D x 8"H
- 91lbs

$1,350 USD

TransLock/TL3 Drawer

- 38.75"W x 35.5"D x 8"H
- 83lbs

$1,350 USD

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