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C9 Double Door Crate

Standard Features

- Rear Emergency Escape Door
- Removable Center Divider
- Interior Non Slip Matting
- Key Locking Door Handles
- Ventilation & Viewing Panels
- Aluminum Construction
- Heavy Duty Steel Doors
- SteriTouch Anti-Microbial Powder Coated Finish
- Shipped Fully Assembled and Ready for Use

- 38"W x 43"D x 30.1"H
- 85lbs

$1,155 USD

TransK9 products are designed for optimal safety and include an emergency rear escape door on all models. If the rear hatch of the vehicle becomes inoperable due to impact or malfunction, you’ll be able to access your dogs by lowering the rear passenger seats, lowering the escape door and exiting them through the rear passenger doors.

Other standard features include key locking door handles for added security and anti-slip matting inside all models for additional stability for dogs during transit. The center divider is standard is standard on this model and can be removed to make one large space or left in place for two individual compartments.

Our boxes have been independently crash tested at the University of the West of Scotland to ensure maximum safety of passengers and dogs. An unrivalled build quality and warranty will ensure your TransK9 box provides many years of safe transport and trouble-free ownership in your car.

An added feature of all TransK9 models is a special coating that offers protection against 99.9% of bacteria. This protection is created by embedding the antimicrobial additive SteriTouch into the paint we use for the finish coat on all models. 

All TransK9 boxes are shipped fully assembled and ready to use. There are no specific fitting instructions for this box other than removing the rear cargo cover (if your vehicle is fitted with one) prior to installation. However, we recommend that you consider purchasing a bumper protection mat which will help prevent damage to the painted bumper on the vehicle and also stabilize the box during transit. If purchasing a bumper mat with the box, place the mat in first.

The divider is removable by removing the four attachment points – two in the front and two in the rear. Be sure to keep all the fittings in case you need them later.

We recommend periodic washing of your TransK9, especially in high dust/sand areas as this will help prolong the powder coated finish. Car soap or Simple Green to wash and a micro fiber towel to dry work very well. Occasional spraying of the lock mechanism with WD40 will ensure trouble free use for many years.

Chevrolet Suburban 2000 and newer
Chrysler Pacifica 2017 and newer
Chrysler Town & Country 2008 and newer
Dodge Caravan 2008 and newer
Dodge Promaster
Ford Expedition 2007 and newer
Ford Transit - 2014 and newer
GMC Yukon XL 2000 and newer
Honda Element 2003 - 2011 (second row seats removed)
Lincoln Navigator 2007 and newer
Nissan NV 2012 and newer
All Pick Up Trucks

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