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Independently Crash Tested to offer you and your dog the ultimate protection
TransLock / TL1   
$1,300 USD
Shipped  fully assembled and ready for use. 
All boxes equipped with an emergency rear escape hatch.
Size & Specification
Standard Features
Compatible Vehicles

Size and Specification TransLock / TL1






38.75"W x 38"D x 8"H



High Grade Aluminum Chassis

Heavy Duty Satin Black Powder Coated Finish


Standard Features

Twin Stainless Steel Hooked Cam Locks

Seven Leaver Lock

Stainless Steel Silent Glide Runners

Integrated Anchorage Points

2 Compartment Drawer with Removable Inserts

Internal Anti Slip Matting

Security Cable & Anchorage Point

Anti Slip Matting on top & Stainless Steel Edge Strip


Firearms, Ammunition, Dog Training Supplies, Tools, Veterinary Supplies, Camera EQ and many more

Seven Leaver Lock

Stainless Steel Silent Glide Runners

Compatible Vehicles for TransLock / TL1

  • Fits any SUV with a cargo floor space of at least 39"W x 39"D

Buy with confidence
Knowing TransK9 products have been keeping drivers and dogs safe since 2003 and are in use in some of the hottest and coldest countries in the world
Crash Tested
TransK9 boxes have been independently Crash Tested to offer your dog the ultimate protection.
Added Safety
All boxes are equipped with a Rear Escape door.
Don't Forget
When ordering any Dog Transit Box, please ensure it's suitable for the needs of your dog. If in doubt, check out the gallery on this page or our Facebook page to see various breeds in this model, or send us an inquiry for additional information and photos. 
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