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AirFlow Air Circulation Fan                Price $115

Fitted with a quality130CFM 12volt fan and will run from any 12V socket point with minimal battery drain, which creates a gentle breeze without circulating dog hair and dirt throughout your vehicle!

  12 volt DC
  10 watt
  .08 amp
  130 CFM
  Fused 5 amp Socket with neon

Designed to fit any TransK9 Cage door or fit the integral fan point on certain boxes manufactured after 2015 
Bumper Protection Mat Size 3 (LR3/4)  Price $55

“A brilliant vehicle for the country, but why a carpeted tailgate?”

A question we have heard many times which is why we designed a mat to keep muddy paw prints off the carpet. Cut to the exact shape of the LR3/LR4 tailgate, this mat will give optimum protection to the carpet while stabilizing your dog transit box. As with our other mats, quality 3mm high density anti-slip rubber matting is used.
Bumper Protection Mat Size 2            Price  $35 

If you don’t need a full size Dog Transit Box then you won’t need a full size mat! This mat has been made specifically for our Space Saver range of boxes – the B20, B22, B23 and B24, all of which will sit nicely on one of these.

As with the larger mats, clips are fitted to the mat so it can be hooked on the door when not in use. 

Single Shotgun Foam Insert              Price $150

This high grade foam insert is manufactured specifically for us to our own specification. Its universal design allows it to accommodate both over and under & side by side shotguns with a barrel length of up to 32”. 

Double Shotgun Foam Insert             Price  $150

As the name suggests, it's designed to accommodate a pair of shotguns. The universal design allows it to accommodate both over and under & side by side shotguns with a barrel length of up to 32”
Bumper Protection Mat Size 1            Price $55

A useful accessory designed to protect both painted bumpers and a vehicle’s interior carpet.

Manufactured from 3mm high density anti-slip rubber, it gives extra grip and confidence to your dogs when jumping in and out of the vehicle. When not in use, it can be hooked onto the front of your dog transit box/dog cage or rolled and tucked between box and hatch.

The universal design means it can be used with dog transit boxes, and all dog cages, and its anti-slip qualities will help to stabilize your box or cage when in motion.

As with all of our products, it is designed for long life and ease of use.
Adjustable Drawer Dividers              Price $55

A useful accessory for any storage drawer is our fully adjustable drawer divider set – enabling a wide range of layouts to suit many different storage options. Equally ideal for sub-dividing Veterinary pharmaceuticals, tools, fishing equipment, shooting and dog training equipment. Quick and easy to install, easy to move should your storage requirements change at any time. 4 long x 7 short dividers per kit. Compatible with all drawer mod​els